We the People of Taney County Missouri
February 2022 Newsletter:

*Note: Starting in March, newsletters will be published on the 1st of each month.

Fellow Patriots,

The 2022 Missouri legislative session is already turning out to be a busy and eventful one.

Thanks to all of you who turned in witness forms, called and emailed senators, and spoke at the Capital during the hearings, we were able to defeat Donald Kauerauf’s appointment as director of DHHS. This man and his leftist, Illinois politics would have been detrimental for the citizens, education system, and economy of our state. So, thank you all for standing up against tyranny and fighting for freedom!

We still have many battles ahead of us before session closes in May. HB2009 (Pollack) is being heard in committee even as I type this. This bill is being called the “Parents Bill of Rights” and places political protection over parents and their private medical, educational, and religious choices for their children and wards ages 18 and younger. Let your senator know that you support this bill by emailing and calling today!

*Note: I will try to have links to bills we support, so you can read the bill language for yourself, in these newsletters and in all of our other lines of communication.

The battle to get a favorable 7:1 map continues to reveal RINO’s in the Republican party here in the state. Please let Senate leadership know that we do not want the Nancy Pelosi-approved 5:3 map that would send many more liberals to our Capital. (Check “Call to Action” section below.)

We also continue to support HB1616 (VanSchoiack) which seeks to eliminate the need for Certificates of Need (CON’s) when creating new hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and in the purchasing of equipment estimated at $1 million or more (imaging technology, etc.). Right now, the three major hospital networks in Missouri sit on these government boards which decide whether a facility will be allowed to open or purchase more equipment. It behooves them to deny such claims, so they can have a monopoly on the market. We, the citizens, are then denied our free market option of choosing where we receive care and with whom. Let your representative know that you want to abolish the CON via HB1616!

Lastly, we have several events coming up in the latter part of this month as well as in the months to come (in each newsletter, I will only post events for the current month and the month to follow so as not to clog the calendars).

Our next We the People of Taney County meeting is Tuesday, February 15th at 6 p.m. at the old Arvest Bank building in Forsyth (115 Shadowrock Dr.). We will have two candidates speaking (Dustin Krob for Forsyth alderman and Dr. Sam Alexander for Congress) on their campaigns; and our special speaker will be CJ Davis of Davis Business Management and Consulting. Davis is a conflict resolution specialist, and he is going to teach us how to effectively convey our points of view when speaking with legislators and constituents with potentially incongruent beliefs and viewpoints to our own. I believe it will be an enlightening evening!

Thanks to each and every one of you for all of your hard work and dedication every day in your city, your county, and our state! It takes all of us working together to keep Missouri free and a great place to live!

In Liberty,
Mandie Hickenbottom-Conner
Taney County Chapter, chair

Upcoming Events:

Topic: How Americans are Becoming Unwitting Terrorists?
Time: Thursday 7p CST
Join Zoom Meeting
or call (312) 626-6799, Meeting ID: 985 5856 2421

Tuesday, February 15th, 6-8 pm:
We the People of Taney County monthly meeting

Tuesday, February 22, 7 pm:
Branson Board of Aldermen meeting

Saturday, March 5th:

Branson U. – Municipal Candidate Forum
1-3 p.m. at the Hughes Brothers Theater, Branson
Please email your questions to be asked of the candidates to: info@bransonu.org.

Tuesday, March 8th, 6:30 p.m.
Branson Board of Aldermen meeting

Tuesday, March 15th, 6-8 p.m.
We the People of Taney County meeting (location: TBD)

Monday, March 21st (time?)
Forsyth Board of Aldermen Meeting

Tuesday, March 22nd, 6:30 p.m.
Branson Board of Aldermen Meeting

Current Legislation:

HB2009 (Pollock, Suzie)

HB1616 (VanShoiack, Dean)

Prayer Requests:

Pray over our governor, our legislators, and everyone who holds any influence over them. Ask God to lay heavily upon their hearts the desire to do what is right and good and pleasing to Him and that all other voices of manipulation, fear, and coercion have no sway over them and their decisions for the citizens of Missouri.

Pray that no nefarious plans of the enemy are allowed to take hold and flourish in our state.

Pray that the citizens of Missouri are awakened to the plans of wicked men and that it spurs them to action on all levels of city, county, and state government.

Pray that Missouri becomes a beacon of light to the rest of the nation in regards to our trust in God and our desire to uphold His love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens and the destruction of tyranny of all kinds.


Senate Leadership

Pro Tem:
Dave Schatz at 573-751-3678 and/or Dave.Schatz@senate.mo.gov

Floor Leader:
Caleb Rowden at 573-751-3931 and/or Caleb.Rowden@senate.mo.gov

Karla Eslinger at 573-751-1882 and/or Karla.Eslinger@senate.mo.gov
Lincoln Hough at 573-751-2583 and/or Lincoln.Hough@senate.mo.gov
Elaine Gannon at 573-751-4008 and/or Elaine.Gannon@senate.mo.gov
Mike Bernskoetter 573-751-2076 and/or Mike.Bernskoetter@senate.mo.gov
Mike Cierpiot at 573-751-1464 and/or Mike.Cierpiot@senate.mo.gov
Jeanie Riddle at 573-751-2757 and/or Jeanie.Riddle@senate.mo.gov
Dan Hegeman at 573-751-1415 and/or Dan.Hegeman@senate.mo.gov
Justin Brown at 573-751-5713 and/or Justin.Brown@senate.mo.gov
Cindy O’Laughlin at 573-751-7985 and/or Cindy.O’Laughlin@senate.mo.gov
Jason Bean at 573-751-4843 and/or Jason.Bean@senate.mo.gov
Holly Rehder at 573-751-2459 and/or Holly.Rehder@senate.mo.gov
Sandy Crawford at 573-751-8793 and/or Sandy.Crawford@senate.mo.gov
Bill White at 573-751-2173 and/or Bill.White@senate.mo.gov
Tony Luetkemeyer at 573-751-2183 and/or Tony.Luetkemeyer@senate.mo.gov

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