Noncompliant Movie – Dinner & Private Screening Event

We are excited to be offering a one-time dinner and private screening in Highlandville, MO of the famous film Noncompliant featuring KrisAnne Hall.

We will be offering a pot-luck dinner at 5:30 pm followed by a movie screening starting at 6:15 pm.  Please feel free to come to one or both!  The film is less than 90 minutes in length, so we should wrap up by 8 pm.

This event is in advance of having KrisAnne come and speak live in Springfield, MO on Thursday 6/23 at 7 pm.  Ticket for that event are now live:

About the Noncompliant movie and why you don’t want to miss watching and hearing her speak:

“Businesses shuttered. Pastors arrested! Residents confined to their homes! Is this communist China? No. This is Pandemic America. Don’t think for a second that this is the last we’ve seen of lockdowns. Get equipped and empowered to fight back and not give in to tyranny again!”

Movie trailer:

About KrisAnne Hall:

Noncompliant is presented by, America’s #1 trusted and recommended online authority for constitutional education and training.

“Liberty First Society is a unique education in the history and application of the Constitution of the United States. So often our history classes start teaching the Constitution with the history of 1776 or even later.

The foundation of our Constitution goes deeper than that.

Without examining the context that gave America its principles and its founding documents, we cannot understand the true nature of Liberty, the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.”

If you are unable to attend fear not, you can watch the film from the comfort of your own home:

RSVP for event address to Echo at 208-241-5018.


Jun 09 2022


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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