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EST. 2021

Who We Are

We the People of Missouri is a nonpartisan, community-based, grassroots organization that functions as a liberty watchdog group at the local level. We firmly believe that it is within our own municipalities, precincts, counties, and districts that we can make the most impact on public policy. We firmly believe that there is strength in numbers, and that as we stand together, united for liberty, we will be a powerful force within these communities.

We welcome all Missourians who believe in the original intent of the US constitution as written by the founders; that individual liberty is a God-given right and that Missouri is a sovereign state, which must be protected along with United States sovereignty.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to have a local presence in each of Missouri’s counties in order to preserve the liberties that America’s founders fought for and won at such a high price, as well as to regain those liberties already forfeited. We will work to protect and defend state and national sovereignty, the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as pronounced in the Declaration of Independence, and protected under the Bill of Rights, and the Missouri and United States constitutions for the welfare of our state and nation.

What We Do

We believe knowledge is power and will provide opportunities for the people of Missouri to grow in understanding of the role of government through training in leadership, the Missouri State Constitution and the principles of liberty provided by our founders in our United States Constitution. Through coordinating our efforts with other liberty-minded groups, we believe we can have a greater impact on freedom throughout Missouri by being engaged in changing legislation and electing candidates, who stand firm in supporting individual independence on every level of government.