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Hi We the People of Missouri Supporters!

We want to update you on what has been happening behind the scenes with We the People of Missouri (WTPMO) recently.  

As you may know, the executive director resigned and, unfortunately, several counties worked with the website host to delete over 800 email addresses.  Going forward we needed to 1. Make sure this doesn’t happen again, and 2. Get word out to the 800 people asking them to sign up on the WTPMO website so we don’t lose touch with them and they receive updates. 

To make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen again, we transferred the WTPMO website to a new host. This took some time and that is why there was a gap in our communications. The website is ready to go, so if you want to get your county chapter access to post on the blog or use the website to send out a county newsletter, please send us an email at Note that the email is NO LONGER affiliated with the organization and our current email is

Also, we are very concerned that many of those people don’t realize their email addresses were deleted from our database and are wondering why they aren’t receiving any communication from WTPMO.  The board of trustees is working hard to make sure everyone receives updates they’ve signed up to receive.  To do this, we need your help.  Please forward this email to anyone who is like-minded so they can sign up on our website to receive WTPMO updates:  Go to and click on newsletter.  

Thank you for your dedication to liberty!

We the People of Missouri Board of Trustees