Eyes to See by Kim Swartz

Eyes to see………….

I love creativity, especially from curious young minds. Henry is a deep thinker. It’s fun to have a conversation with him. He often starts a conversation with “What if ……”. He is imagining!!! Sometimes he asks “Why….”. I love that too. Layla is a straight up organizer. and collector of thoughts beyond her years. (All 9 of our grands are uniquely wonderful. How excited we are to see what they chose to do with their lives This is another plus for Americans – CHOICES of contribution.)

Today’s Cancel Culture and censoring of voices, ideas and ideals is the equivalent of mental bullying. I think it is particularly harmful and limiting on our young thinkers.

America has always been a proud country of free thinkers; outside-the-box visionaries. Americans have supplied the world with greatness and big possibilities. If you could think it, dream it, express it (free speech and civility) you can get a thoughtful audience here.

There is no caste system holding us back. Every generation has an opportunity. What we offer is the opportunity to WORK for your dreams.

I hear a lot about China. I’d like to know if those who are so keen on chumming up with the communists (You might remember we had a major tech company whose employees refused to work with the pentagon but were oh-so delighted to work with China.) have actually ever been to China, have seen firsthand the robotic cadence of their lives? Chinese citizens are stacked like sardines, three generations living in what equates to a college apartment, personal property seized and given to new government party officials (we actually visited a family and home of whom this had happened), lack of clean drinking water for citizens (soda and beer were free but we had to pay extra for water), elderly citizens sweeping the streets with a branch-broom, government-selected vocation if you don’t test up, citizens unable to worship openly – following Jesus from secret churches, I could go on and on……

China, a culture-cancelling, citizen surveillance, communist country whose dictator has been self-appointed for life.

THIS will not be in our country. Or, will it?  I have to believe that a remnant will rise up. I am confident and grateful. We will not scream. We will not loot. We will not burn. We will not attack. We firmly and courageously will stand for the futures of our children, for the goodness on which our country was established, freedoms given by God not man, therefore it cannot be taken from us, a land of laws not lawlessness. We do not believe the lies nor the liar. Our eyes are open. We see.

And, we will preserve the opportunities which America offers our young minds. Minds which will see again with eyes of possibilities, not hate and destruction. These young eyes will shine like the stars and be given “a plan for the future He has for them, a plan for good and not for harm” Jeremiah 29:11. Every parent and grandparent desires good for their children.

We will, by His hand, rise up.

I Praise God for His goodness in the land of the living. I am hopeful and hope does not disappoint. There is much that is pure and honest and uplifting all around. I pray I have eyes to see Him in every face and space as He is with us even now!!!

I see Him in the hope of my grandchildren being raised to see too.