RIGHT NOW, outside interests want to allow abortion back in Missouri and institute RED FLAG laws.   

Do you want George Soros controlling what laws get passed in our state?   

Do you want to lose YOUR representative government?   

Do you want to have YOUR GUN RIGHTS taken from you? 


With the end of the 2023 legislative session looming, the Missouri Legislature is determined to pass IP (initiative petition) Reform in any manner possible, even at the detriment of their constituents.  They are ramming through HJR 43, which has currently gone to a conference committee.  As passed by the Senate with full Republican support, HJR 43 will REMOVE power from the rural areas and smaller cities of Missouri and place it solely in the hands of the major urban centers such as Kansas City and St. Louis. 

IP Reform changes the way citizens and outside interests can get ballot initiatives to a vote of the people. We saw this most recently with Amendment 3, legalizing recreational marijuana.   

By passing IP reform with concurrent majority based on U.S. Congressional districts instead of Missouri House districts, legislators are SILENCING the voice of rural citizens and handing over our Constitution to liberal cities.  Concurrent majority, based on  HOUSE districts, will allow for citizens to have more of a voice in making changes to their constitution.   

THERE IS GOOD NEWS!  We still have time to do something about this!  With HJR 43 being referred to the House Conference Committee, we can still make our voices heard! 

Call AND email your representatives TODAY and ask them to either change IP Reform  to STATE HOUSE DISTRICTS – OR – KILL THE BILL! 

You can find your representative here: https://www.house.mo.gov/ 

In addition to your representative, contact 5 MORE representatives of your choice.  Then, forward this link on to 5 more of your friends.   

It will only take you about 5 minutes — 5 minutes to SAVE Missouri’s Representative government and YOUR VOICE in the vote! 

Please let us know how your representative responds by texting their name and response to 417-200-2349 

Thank you for fighting to keep Missouri fair and free for all! 

In Liberty, 

We The People of Missouri