We The People of Missouri Official Statement on Ballot Amendments

We strongly urge all citizens to do research on each amendment and use their best judgment.  This statement is our position as an organization, not as speaking for all our members. Our WTPMO members are encouraged to research each issue as well.  We hope you find our statement informative. 

General statement regarding November 8th, 2022 Constitutional Amendments – Our state constitution continues to be changed on a regular basis. This is a document that should not be changed for “light and transient reasons” as Thomas Jefferson states in our Declaration of Independence.

The current changes proposed and many prior could have been accomplished through statute and possibly procedural changes.

We believe our legislature is passing the buck by having these proposed to the people. If these changes were truly needed, for the most part, they could have been accomplished during the legislative session.

Amendment 1 – Vote NO


WTPMo does not support this amendment, as we do not believe it is prudent to give the legislature more control over the day to day operations of our state treasury.

A NO vote is recommended.

Amendment 3 – Vote NO


As a matter of principle of liberty, the government should not have the authority to regulate any commerce, much less create new bureaucracies in order to execute the regulations. Further more, this amendment does not simply address the legalization of marijuana. Within the many pages of this amendment is an agenda, which WTPMo does not support.

A NO vote is recommended.

Amendment 4 – Vote NO


The state should have limited authority over how local government operates.

A NO vote is recommended

Amendment 5 – Vote NO


This is an issue to be dealt by legislation or procedures within the executive branch, not a Constitutional Amendment.

A NO vote is recommended

Constitutional Convention Question – Vote NO


When we look at who will choose delegates, we do not trust that the people will be represented above special interest groups when delegates are chosen.

A NO vote is recommended