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Springfield City Council Vote April 4

GWTP Greene Co Ask for Springfield City Council Votes April 4th

April 3, 2023

We the People of Greene County is asking that citizens please consider voting on April 4th in the Springfield City Council Election.

You may ask WHY?

  • Crime is on the rise and Mayor McClure is not leading with a feasible plan to fully staff the police force.
  • The council has repeatedly shown a preference to promote crony business interests at the expense of  neighborhoods, small businesses and citizen’s property rights.

It’s not a small task.  We the People of Greene County cannot endorse a candidate but we can recommend two individuals who are up to the challenge.  Both Melanie Bach and Derek Lee are strong leaders who will make a difference.

Every vote matters.  You’ve heard it before; but it’s true. Never has it been so evident as in some of the close races we’ve seen recently.  Please help us turn things around for our community.  Help us protect our citizens, their property, and our future.

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