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Action Alert: Contact Reps – HB1165 Digital Currency Bill – Vote NO

!!Action Alert!!!

They want you to be distracted by today’s news and the election on Tuesday. Don’t fall for it! This is of immediate concern as this bill will be heard on MONDAY!

HB 1165, the digital currency bill, has been referred to the Legislative Oversight Committee for a Monday (2:15pm) hearing! We need all hands on deck calling and emailing these legislators and asking for a NO vote on this very dangerous bill!

PLEASE use your own words. Sample Script:

Dear Rep. Xyz,

Regardless of the substitute, I believe this is still a very dangerous bill. An amendment nor a substitute can fix HB 1165. Please vote NO on HB 1165.

With more than 100 pages, this bill is not a standard update to the UCC language.

Redefines “money, “person” and adds other concerning language such as “biometrics”

The argument that Missouri will be left is coercive language and a major red flag. We do not need these changes. DO NOT VOTE yes on something you do not fully understand. DO NOT trust the bill sponsor to tell you what it means.


Please CALL and EMAIL these Representatives now.

Rep. Jeff Knight Chair

Rep. Brad Hudson Vice Chair

Rep. Jamie Burger

Rep. Cyndi Buccheit Courtway

Rep. Deb Lavender

Rep. Mike McGirl

Rep. Bill Owen

Rep. Adam Schnelting

Rep. Sarah Unsicker

Rep. LaKeySha Bosley