Missouri School Choice Presentation 2-16-2023

00:00 Introduction
09:47 Panel Discussion
13:31 Who manages school choice?
15:03 Psychological Evaluations
16:27 Federal Funds = Strings
17:36 Leveling the playing field for public schools.
18:12 The Dark Secret: The CDC in the schools.
25:29 Redefinding of terms.
28:01 Who is really in control of school choice?
29:13 Diversity of Thought
33:25 The Dark Secret: The CDC in the public schools, charters, and homeschools.
35:18 What does it cost to implement the federal requirements?
43:39 Teachers can’t teach.
44:12 Missouri gets an F.
46:53 Amazon and Facebook in the schools.
51:19 The problem with the MAP test.
59:26 Reign in DESE
01:08:15 The danger of software in education.
01:09:16 If you are trying to escape the public schools through educational savings accounts, it’s really all the same. This is a global effort to control education..
01:09:43 Mental health and the CDC in education: Social Emotional Learning.
01:11:40 The law of exponentials.
01:14:27 How can citizens make a difference?
01:16:21 Has SB 85 changed beyond hope?
01:17:13 State Department of Ed controling parochial and homeschools.
01:18:26 Data mining of private and homeschoolers through school choice.
01:19:19 Finding good candidates and the organizations controling the legislators.
01:21:01 The education system is imploding and the superintendants know it.
01:23:30 How lobbyists control legislation.
01:25:04 Treating city and rural school districts differently.
01:27:22 Audience question: How do we assess?
01:30:58 Transhumanism: dependance on computers.
01:33:01 Grants from MU controlling education: Human research (data is the new currency).
01:40:15 Making it possible for families to truly control their children’s education.
01:41:05 Governors’ association controling state standards.
01:42:04 Data mining through Class Wallet (school choice and vouchers).
01:44:54 NGOs indoctrinating new school board members.