ACTION ALERT: Help Pass the SAFE Act!

Senator Mike Moon’s SB49, known as the “Save Adolescents from
Experimentation” bill or “SAFE Act” has been passed over to be heard on the
Senate floor twice so far this week. Senate Democrats have been prepared to

With this knowledge in hand, Speaker Pro Tem, Senator Cindy O’Laughlin (18th
District), who has stated she doesn’t like to “stay late” at the capitol building to
discuss legislation, decided that the bill will be “carried over”.

What does this mean?

It means that there is a good chance that Moon’s bill, which protects children
from life-altering gender reassignment surgeries and puberty-blockers here in
Missouri, will not get heard on the Senate floor.

Why? Why wouldn’t Senate Republicans want to support this bill? Is it truly
because O’Laughlin doesn’t like to stay late? It is because Senate Republicans are
focused on not ruffling the feathers of Senate leadership so that their own
legislation can have the opportunity to be heard?

Perhaps they no longer wish to fight for the constituents who elected them to
office and have been asking for legislation just such as this?

Republicans have the majority in the Senate. Twenty-four Republican senators
were elected by their constituents to protect the rights of all Missouri citizens.
Currently, SB49 only has two co-sponsors – Rick Brattin and Bill Eigel. Where
are the other 21 conservative senators?!

Have you seen this whistleblower’s testimony about the child mutilation
occurring at Washington University’s Children’s Hospital?

If SB49 is brought to the floor, it will only need seventeen votes to be passed on
to the House of Representatives. Seventeen! This is attainable.
We can protect Missouri’s children if only this legislation is given a chance!
Surely there are seventeen Republican senators who care about life-altering
surgeries and drugs on Missouri’s minors.

Moon’s “Safe Act” prevents puberty-blockers and life-altering surgeries to be
performed on minors. Once puberty-blockers are given, there is no going back.
Young bodies are changed forever.

Senator Moon stands with Luka Hein and Chloe Cole, both of whom transitioned as minors
and are bravely sharing their story of regret and de-transitioning with the world.

Supporters of Moon’s SAFE Act include Luka Hein and Chloe Cole, both of
whom transitioned gender as minors and have since regretted their decisions.
You can watch their powerful testimonies HERE.

Missouri is not the only state seeking to protect minors from life-altering
mutilation and drugs. Mississippi governor, Tate Reeves, recently signed the
REAP Act into law; and countless other states across the nation are looking to
legislation to protect their children from gender re-assignment surgeries and
puberty-blocking drugs.

Missouri can be a leader in protecting children just like Mississippi!
What can you do?


Call Cindy O’Laughlin office at 573-751-7985 and respectfully request that
Senator Moon’s bill SB49 be brought to the Senate Floor!

Call all 24 Republican Senators and respectfully request:

  1. They Vote YES on this bill.
  2. They offer to Co-Sponsor the bill.

Jason Bean: 573-751-4843
Mike Bernskoetter: 573-751-2076
Rusty Black: 573-751-1415
Rick Brattin: 573-751-2108 (Thank him for being a Co-Sponsor.)
Ben Brown: 573-751-3678
Justin Brown: 573-751-5713
Jill Carter: 573-751-2173
Mike Cierpiot: 573-751-1464
Mary Coleman: 573-751-1492
Sandy Crawford: 573-751-8793
Bill Eigel: 573-751-1141 (Thank him for being a Co-Sponsor.)
Karla Eslinger: 573-751-1882
Travis Fitzwater: 573-751-2757
Elaine Gannon: 573-751-4008
Denny Hoskins: 573-751-4302
Lincoln Hough: 573-751-1311
Andrew Koenig: 573-751-5568
Tony Luetkemeyer: 573-751-2183
Holly Rehder: 573-751-2459
Caleb Rowden: 573-751-3931
Nick Schroer: 573-751-1282
Curtis Trent: 573-751-1503

Do you want to protect Missouri’s minors?

***Please realize it may take multiple calls and emails over several days to get
the Senators attention. Please be courteous but persistent.

-Mandie Hickenbottom-Conner & Valerie Swearingen