There are some things for which the fight is worth it. The ‘FUTURE’ WOULD TOP THE LIST. Children are our future, of course. 

It is God Who has endowed all people with certain inalienable rights. These rights were not given to us by any government. What government gives, government can take – (like secure borders, safety in our communities against common practices of unlawful chaos and so on.) This list could be a long one, but I think you get the point.

Clearly, it is God Who has given us LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Pursuit is a verb. That means that WE participate toward that goal. It is our responsibility. None of these rights are attainable if we simple sit.  (Salvation is similar.  Salvation is for all if all accept it.)    Protecting and preserving our Constitutions, both the Missouri Constitution and the US Constitution are necessary toward this end for it is the responsibility of our Constitution to protect and secure our God-given freedoms.

What would I know about Constitutions?       The truth is, not much until about three years ago.
I was upset over the infringement upon my liberty to determine my own choice of what I would allow to be injected into my own body. It wasn’t that I was against the injection per se – I just wanted more information before I accepted something that could not be reversed.  I saw lockdowns, businesses closing, children out of school then masked and employees fired during that time.  That indignation led me on what would be a journey that ended, and at the same time started, with our history and our Constitutions. I haven’t always been concerned about our country, our state or even so worried for the future of our youth. I had great confidence in the familiar. I trusted – everyone, literally with the lives of my children and with the future of our state and our country.

My new pursuit led me to a startling discovery. I am no right- wing radical. But I NOW expect that our lawmakers would insure that our laws pass through the light of our Constitution. I NOW expect that nothing be implemented that would pinch my Liberty in favor of another’s special interest. I am learning, thanks to good weekly teaching, and special conferences/resources, to read the legislation, to network with others around the state, and then to tell others what I find. Whoa! That is very upsetting to some who would rather we just stay fat and satisfied, completely self absorbed and unconcerned.  I am no expert but I am NOW more informed and aware and will be advocating for the Constitution(s) for the rest of my life, and I am passionate about it.

I love this country, this state and this community. I want my grandchildren to experience the dreams that God’s freedoms intended for them. I want every child to have this opportunity. I don’t want any entity or organization to pigeon hole                                                                                                                                         them into a job or a career. I want their own minds to be open to the greatness of world around them and their place in it. I want their potential to be encouraged, not limited to status quo or government standards. I want them to believe that they have something to contribute and to gain, with hard work, determination and a commitment to what is right.

I NOW say –
No “15 Minute Cities”.
No “ESGs” or “SDGs”   

No to “CBCDs”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
“No!” to any other three or four letter acronyms meant to keep us in the dark as they slice off one more ounce of our Liberty.

Here is the thing! They can’t do this, unless we allow it. The more informed we are – the more light we shine – the more hope we share – the better our communities, our state and our country will be for our children and their free future.
If you feel the same way……….if you have a burning curiosity.
I recommend the following:

* We the People – their weekly meetings offer a mountain of information through educational programs. I have found many resources through this organization. They do not support or endorse any political party or candidate, btw.    Their programs are varied: elected officials, local services and commissions, ham radio, legislation updates, health, bee keeping (I don’t intend to keep bees but this was such an interesting program. I do intend to eat more local honey.),  Bill Federer – of the American Minute, Twila Brase of Citizens Council for Health Freedom, 2000 Mules the movie,  Pastor’s Dinner, non-partisan Candidate Forums, KrisAnn Hall on Constitution education, Adrienne Ross Communications, Scott Rydell  on Preparedness, Tom Martz on Missouri Constitution and Legislative overview……….to name a few.
* Hillsdale College Continuing Education online classes (Most classes are free. Yes, I have learned much; but I was also INSPIRED by the classes “The Great American Story; the Land of Hope”  for example.).
* Center for Self Governance – teaches you how government works and how it WAS meant to work for the people.
* Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership class is another great resource.

* John Birch Society educational videos and The New American Magazine

Want to be a better informed citizen/voter, to understand the processes and the principles that have such profound influence on our future. Check them out.

Let’s go! Let’s Grow! Together! 

Kim Swartz, Cape Girardeau County