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O’Laughlin & Kehoe break Senate Rule No. 72, Jan. 4th.

Floor Leader, Senator Cindy O’Laughlin, broke Rule no. 72 on the Senate floor today. President of the Senate, Lt. Mike Kehoe, allowed it and adjourned the session early.

Today, January 4th, 2024, is the second day of the 2024 Missouri legislative session. It ended abruptly when Floor Leader, Senator Cindy O’Laughlin, made a motion to adjourn the session while two Senate members were speaking.

Senator Denny Hoskins and Senator Mike Bernskoetter were engaged in a Senate floor discussion when O’Laughlin made a motion to adjourn.

Senator Bill Eigel was also standing and was not recognized by the Chair, President of the Senate, Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe.

(Note: Eigel and Kehoe are both running for Governor 2024.)

Lt. Governor recognized Senator O’Laughlin’s motion to adjourn outside of procedural rules and adjourned the session for the day.

If the President of the Senate, our current Lt. Governor, and the Senate Floor Leader will not follow the rules, who will hold them accountable?

Is this the leadership We The People want in our State Capital?

Not only is this procedural wrong, nothing was accomplished today to support the people of Missouri. They are adjourned until Monday, January 8th.

What can you do?

Call your State Senator and ask them to hold leadership accountable on following the procedures set forth in the Senate rules and Missouri Constitution.

Here is a link to the current Missouri Senate Rules.