2023 MO School Board Candidates

Citizens have discovered that school board elections have the most impact on local communities and the next generation of United States Citizens. We ALL want students to receive the best education possible and become successful adults. 

We the People of Missouri is making available a list (to be updated with citizen input) of all school districts in Missouri.

This list is NOT an ENDORSEMENT of school board candidates! We are soliciting input from citizens across the state to provide the names of school board candidates that they believe will make the right choices for their local school districts. We the People of Missouri will not be vetting the candidates listed, we are simply making a resource tool available for citizens to provide feedback.

If you have information regarding your school district’s candidates that you believe to be the BEST to promote education and not indoctrination, please send those names to roxane@capemoenterprises.com. Names will be added to the list weekly.

Again, this is a tool not an endorsement of WTPMO of the candidates listed.

Please vote on April 4th! 

Suggested questions for your local candidates;

“Do you believe schools/teachers should help students develop their gender identity and/or sexual orientation?” 

Do you believe school policy should ban discussions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity between school staff and students? 

Do you support segregating children in sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms by biological sex rather than gender identity? 

Do you believe your school’s focus should be academics; reading, writing, math, and history & NOT equal outcomes (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)?  

Do you support disciplinary consequences for bad behavior and does the lack of consequences put the safety of teachers and students at risk?  

Do you believe that parents should have access to and ultimate authority over what their children are taught in public schools?