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Are You Prepared?

Over the last year there have been food processing plants, food transport facilities, and grocery stores. Also, farms have had their poultry destroyed because of “bird flu” or other problems (below is an interactive map showing all the places that were destroyed or farm animals killed). Then we had 10,000 cattle on one farm dying all at once because of “the heat” (article below).

If you look at all the destruction going on with our food supply, I feel we are looking at food shortages in the near future (this is my personal opinion). Are you prepared? Do you have any extra space to store food and other supplies? You don’t have to break the bank, just buy a few extra things each time you go to the store. You should also consider your local farmer’s markets. Get to know your local suppliers and buy off of them.

There is also a homesteading expo at the end of August that will be at the fairgrounds in Marshfield for anyone who is looking to start homesteading and would like to learn more. I will be posting the flier and link for this expo on a different post.