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Repeal the CON (Infographic)

by Mandie Hickenbottom-Conner

HB 1616: 

“Certificate of Need Laws and Hospital Quality” (Strattman and Wille):

“Certificate of Need Laws and Healthcare Utilization During COVID-19 Pandemic” (Gosh, Choudhury, and Plennoms):

“Certificate of Need Laws: How They Affect Healthcare Access, Quality, and Cost” (Mitchell):

Pacific Legal: 

“States that suspended Certificate of Need laws saved lives” (Lawrence and Erickson):

“States are suspending Certificate of Need Laws in the wake of COVID-19 but the damage might already be done” (Erickson):

“The Hill: Biden’s economic  reform ought to consider certificate of need too” (Boden and Riddle):

America’s Health Rankings: