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Crawford County Action Alert

Please make these three calls!

The Crawford County Commissioners are scheduled to vote to approve a $1.2 million dollar bid to renovate a building located at 409 S. Franklin St. Cuba, MO, to house a Coroner’s facility at their next meeting, Tuesday, February 14, at 9:00 AM. 

While we understand the need for and support a coroner’s office, we cannot support the building or the location as suitable for a coroner’s office.  

The building is located next door to a strip mall that houses the Cuba license office. This is a high-traffic, congested area with limited parking available and unsuitable to house a Coroner’s office.  

The bid of 1.2 million dollars for remodeling and expanding this building is excessive and an unacceptable amount of taxpayer money to be spent for such a facility.

The Commissioners should reject this bid and continue to search for a more appropriate location and a lower-cost building to house the coroner’s office. 


Attend the County Commissioner’s Meeting on February 14, 2023. The Commission meets every Tuesday at 9:00 AM at the County Courthouse. 

If you are unable to attend, please call or email your commissioner and request that the commission rejects this current bid and continue to search for a better facility before the February 14th meeting.

Steve Black, Presiding Commissioner – Phone: 573-775-3539 * Cell: 573-259-8882* email: 

Rob Cummings, Road District 1 Commissioner – Phone: 573-775-3539 * Cell: 573-292-9670  E-mail:

Jared Boast, Road District 2 Commissioner – Phone: 573-775-3539 * Cell: 573-292-9697  E-mail: