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Book Review by Tracy Forker

Foraging the Ozarks:  Finding, identifying, and Preparing Edible Wild Foods in the Ozarks Author:  Bo Brown

This book is beautifully illustrated with clear photographs of each plant discussed. The index is well ordered and easy to use. Several indexes in the back provide additional helpful information.Bo Brown is a biologist with 30 years of foraging experience and leads many classes on foraging in Missouri. I have used the book extensively and have yet to poison myself! Bo reviews over 100 commonly found plants in the Ozarks and gives clear descriptions to compliment the photos, provides information on habitat and range, uses, and warnings if needed.Having lived in north Missouri, southeastern Missouri, mid-Missouri and eastern Missouri, I can attest to the appropriateness of the book for all regions of Missouri and, probably, surrounding states as well.This book could be a lifesaver as many plants provide essential vitamins (usually in greater quantity than our anemic grocery store produce!) and many have medicinal uses as well. Please see Midwest Medicinal Plants review for more information.

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