Book Reviews


REVIEW BY Roxane Magnus Cape Girardeau County

Mark Levin discusses in his latest well-researched book how Marxism is ingrained in American society and culture from our schools, the media, in corporations, in sports, in Hollywood, and in politics. He explains how it is labeled as progressivism, social activism, and community activism.

He begins explaining the counterrevolution that is in “full force” to the American Revolution and how they want to destroy American society and impose autocratic rule. Movements such as, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, that are brainwashing our younger generation through various tactics to turn the American Society in to a Utopian Society. Levin takes the reader back to the 19th and 20th Century and gives the history of people who taught the Marxist way and how that continues in our Universities today so that the younger generation can be indoctrinated. He further discusses Critical Race Theory and the people responsible for devising the theory. He also covers the “1619 Project” which makes the claim that “nearly everything in modern American life is tainted by the legacy of slavery.” Climate Change Fanaticism is the title of one of the chapters going back to the 1970’s, Serge Latouch who devised the “degrowth theory” based on an ideology of “progress and development” attacks capitalism. The goal of these fanatics is to take America back prior to the industrial revolution.  

Journalists and the press have been a negative force to society for quite some time as they have been indoctrinated with the Marxist agenda and have turned to social activism as he talks about in his previous book, Unfreedom of the Press, but goes further in this book about the propaganda and censorship that is employed to make America an anti-America.

The last chapter is my favorite as he summarizes the book and discusses the urgency of taking back our freedom and liberty through boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BOS). He arms We The People with many strategies. We cannot expect others to fix America for us. We cannot continue to live our lives and ignore what is happening to our Republic. There are those who have a hatred for what we stand for and We The People must educate and surround ourselves with like-minded individuals and not allow the Marxists to define who we are. I highly recommend this book to understand the history, ideology and beliefs of Karl Marx and his followers and how Marxism has infiltrated in to our society today.