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Where’s Our DC Six?

The fight on the US House floor showed us what can be done if a small group stand their ground! Our Missouri House of Representatives is having the EXACT same fight that we just saw in DC. The same subject: silencing the voice of the people. So, where’s OUR freedom caucus?

From our friend, Carla Grewe…

“Today I learned that the republicans who don’t want to go with the flow are a fractured few. Very few are brave, and they do not see all the power they are about to give up, or how easily they can gain way way more than what is being pushed upon them.

It is my understanding that tomorrow they will try to come up with ‘what they want.’ That really only matters if there are 31 republicans prepared to play hardball. At this time, it is unclear how many will vote NO. I sure hope we have 30 courageous House reps in the R party. Hopefully the things we want will not be objectionable to the Dems as having them hold strong NOs is critical. I’m not sure what our next step should be. Maybe we just keep on with the concept that citizens need to call their reps, spread the word to more people, call their reps. The message needs to be more than vote No on HR11. ALL the conservative reps I listened to today commented that the calls from constituents was HIGH. At 11am one said 72 calls just today. They all agreed that they had ZERO constituents asking them to vote yes, giving away more rights.

I think the message should be something like… This is nothing personal against current leadership, the excessive centralization of power has been going on long before most of us were aware BUT it’s as if God put them in this place right now with a roadmap. That roadmap was demonstrated at the federal level, and Missouri citizens are now aware of just how much of their power has been given up in the past and just how easy it is to get it back now. They were elected to stand up for US and to protect our rights. In order to do that, they must vote NO on HR11. By doing so, they instantly reclaim the people’s power which has been eroded to a virtually nonexistent level. Once they have firmly said ‘I will not give away the power of the people who elected me’ they just need to stick together with their requirements. Pressure may be applied, but they just need to pray ALOT and stand strong. They are now in the driver’s seat. They are making history in that THEY can always be proud to have been one of the few, who for the first time in Missouri, demanded back the power of the people who elected them.”

During the committee hearing today on HR11, there were two DEMOCRATS who stood out. Rep Meredith and Rep Windham both proposed common sense amendments that would have decentralized power in the House and allowed for minority voices, both democrat AND non establishment conservatives, to also be represented. ALL of their amendments were shot down. We may not agree on platform, but these were not outrageous asks. One of them would have sent any bill that hadn’t been placed into committee by the Speaker within 15 days after first read back to the bill’s sponsor for committee selection. This would have prevented the Speaker from holding bills hostage and not allowing them to be debated. Another proposed amendment would guarantee any bill that gained 1/3 co-sponsorship be heard. It didn’t guarantee it would pass, just that it would see the light of day. Both of these amendments were great propositions, and We The People would like to thank them for their attempts.

What can you do?

KEEP CALLING AND EMAILING YOUR REPS! This still must be voted for on the floor. Tell your reps to vote NO!! Remind them that they are OUR voice in the House. Tell them to be our MO FREEDOM CAUCUS.

Find your reps here…