Action Alerts


We need YOU to contact your state representatives!

You can find your rep’s information at this link below. Just put in your address. Click on the picture of your rep, and scroll down to Capitol Address. Their phone number, email, and room at the Capitol will be listed.

Included are two sample scripts for inspiration. Please use whichever one makes you feel mor comfortable and make this your own!

*REP NAME*, I listened to both committee hearings yesterday about the rules of the house in Missouri. I could not help but see the similarities with the recent federal pushback. I was soo excited for you to be elected as my voice in the state house. I hope you will not let historically tyrannical customs cause you to say “YES”. A yes vote will take the rights of 30,000+ constituents and use them for personal gain/preservation” instead of holding the line of the people

Rather, I hope you will STAND UP FOR MY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, as one of your 30,000 constituents my desire is that you vote NO on HR11, that set of rules makes a bad situation worse. I do not give you my authority to acquiesce.

Each and everyone of my rights, is paramount to my free citizenry. It is my wish that you not only Vote NO on HR11 but that you maintain my role AND YOU REGAIN THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE As was obviously intended by our founding fathers, the speaker should only have the rights required to provide decorum, not restrict the voice of the people who elected them. He was elected by 30,000 St Louis residents, not 6 million citizens., this one man should not have almost unilateral authority across the state of 6million. You are my voice, you are my representative, 30,000 people are counting on you to be strong and hold out. You are not alone and any retaliation will be made public and there will be consequences to those with heavy hands. Our power comes from protecting individual rights. You cannot be fired or jailed, image the strength of Daniel in the Lions Den. You do not need that much courage, you just need to be honest and hold firm to the rights and wishes of your constituents. Today is a new day. You should not be focused on stopping an additional incremental loss off your peoples voice. Today you can take it ALL back. You do not need to compromise at the expense of your constituents.

This is wordy and not intended for copy and paste. It is for inspiration. I hope that lots of people will call their representatives and deliver a message based on these types of points AND that you will ask every friend and relative to do the same


I listened to the committee hearings yesterday on HR11, and as a Missourian I was appalled. Both Rep Meredith and Rep Windham proposed common sense amendments that would have decentralized the power within the house and allowed your constituent’s voices to matter as much as Speaker Plocher’s constituent’s. It appeared the minds of the Committee were already made up prior to entering the room, and that no amendment proposed by a Democrat would even be considered. While I staunchly disagree with the platforms and proposed bills of these two reps, the amendments requested for the rules package weren’t outrageous. Your constituents want their voices to matter. We want you to stand up for US. We don’t want our power lost to the Speaker or the Floor Leader. It is for these reasons, I ask you to take the roadmap brought forth to us by the US House fight and the Freedom Caucus and VOTE NO on HR11. The people are watching. Make us proud.